Healing Line

Healing Line

A Healing Place

by Mike Simon
Sep/Oct 2009

In July I had the privilege of serving as a prayer minister at the Journey to Healing Retreat in Jacksonville. If you have completed all levels of the School of Healing Prayer but have not yet been a prayer minister at one of our conferences, I highly recommend it. I found that it accelerated the development of my spiritual gifts in prayer. God answered my prayer to hear more clearly how He wanted me to pray for people and in some cases even to confirm what He was revealing to them. As you know there is a powerful anointing at these events.

On the last day of the conference a gracious attendee asked me if it would be possible for her to give a monthly donation using her credit card. I am grateful for her desire to support Christian Healing Ministries in this way. The answer is “yes” and there are a couple of different ways to give electronically on a monthly basis. Since she asked the question I thought you might be interested in the answer as well. The ways are highlighted in the section below. If you are interested in this approach and need help please call our main line at 904–765–3332. If you know of another way that is not mentioned below, please call us so that we can share with others who may be interested.

While there is an advantage for us in terms of monthly budgeting when donors set up an electronic monthly gift, we are simply thrilled that you would honor us with your financial support in whatever form and frequency works best for you. Thank you for all the ways you support this ministry — from financial support, your prayers, your encouraging letters and emails, attending and inviting friends to a school or conference, volunteering your time and more! Your openness to the Holy Spirit and willingness to help us enables thousands of people each year to experience God’s love and receive His healing. Your help makes it possible and we are grateful.

Making a Monthly Gift Using a Debit or Credit Card

To do this, simply call Christian Healing Ministries and ask for Mike Simon or call our bookstore and ask for Jane Wilson or Janice Melton. Currently we are being blessed by donors that are giving gifts ranging from $15 to $500 per month this way. If you are like me, the debit is the best option, as they take it out of your account directly and you avoid credit card balances. Some people prefer credit because they like to get the reward points offered on their credit card and manage the balance on those cards very well. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Making a Monthly Gift Using Bill Pay

If you pay your bills through your bank with an online bill pay option that is another way to do a monthly payment digitally. Many banks offer this service for free. Other banks charge about $5 per month for the service for an unlimited number of payments. If you are already paying your bills this way it may be simple for you to set up Christian Healing Ministries as a recipient. With the online bill pay option they often offer a memo field to be included with the payment if you want us to know anything specific about your desire for the gift.

Making a Monthly Gift Using Automatic Withdrawal (Bank to Bank)

This is similar to when you join a health club or sign up for a monthly service at your home. With a voided check and a signed note from you telling us how much you would like us to receive each month and what day of the month, we can set up an automatic transfer from your account.

If you are interested in one of these options and need help please call our main line at 904–765–3332.

Mike Simon Mike Simon is the Director of Development for CHM. Sep/Oct 2009 Issue