Healing Line

Healing Line

A Healing Place

by Michael Simon
Nov/Dec 2009

It is probably not well known that in 1901 Wilbur and Orville Wright arrived at the conclusion that man would not likely fly during their lifetime. Their discouragement came in response to being unable to control the up and down altitude movement called pitch, or the left right movement, called yaw, of a glider which ended up spinning out of control. Fortunately, they went back to research and design. Their original design was good; yet its improvement is what made all the difference. They discovered that the addition of a movable tail gave them the stability and control needed. The Wright brothers went on to make history in 1903 when Orville succeeded in a powered and sustained flight for 12 seconds and in 1904 when Wilbur succeeded in a 5 minute powered flight.

Like Orville and Wilbur, who steadfastly pursued creation of a tangible means of flight, Christian Healing Ministries is pursuing the emergence of a new center, a visible sign of God's healing presence. The new center will be a place where a greater number of people can personally receive and learn the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. During recent site visits and prayer, creative ways to further improve the design of the site layout have materialized. The master plan on the CHM website and the one we shared at the schools and conferences is good and was prepared to prove that the property was suitable for a healing center. Since the design, there has been greater revelation of how the property could be redesigned to better accommodate visitors and staff. As a result, the Capital Campaign Committee has commissioned a Design Team Selection Committee to join with Francis and Judith to select a building architect, landscape architect, and engineer to incorporate these improvements into the Master Plan. We ask you to pray along with us for this team and for the master plan and drawings to be God's design.

Also, we are receiving confirmations through individuals that God wants the center built. One CHM staff member has received visions in prayer that God already has the site and buildings built in the spiritual realm and prayer is what will bring them to earth. Members of the campaign prayer team have been sharing what they have been receiving from God: pictures of water flowing out of the land, bringing healing to visitors and training people who are taking healing back to their community. Spiritual leaders such as Chuck Pierce and Will Hart have separately said that Jacksonville will be known as a place of healing without knowing about the plans to build CHM's new center.

In addition, there have been wonderful offerings of service and donations. An engineer and her husband who attended the School of Healing Prayer this summer have offered their services pro–bono for the center. They shared the vision with a colleague, a landscape architect, who is also offering his work pro–bono. A surprise large gift and matching opportunity were also provided by the Lord and the full match was met. These are believed to be confirmations that the effort to develop the new healing center is moving in the right direction. To the Wright brothers who worked hard and sought inspiration, it must have seemed like a marvelous miracle the day they flew. May Christian Healing Ministries continue to establish "A Healing Place" by seeking His plan, His guidance, and His design!

Michael Simon Michael Simon is the Director of Development for CHM. Nov/Dec 2009 Issue