Healing Line

Healing Line

Questions Regarding Healing

by Kathi Smith
Nov/Dec 2009

It has come to our attention that many of you who read this newsletter have questions regarding healing. We are going to attempt to answer some of these questions in the newsletter. We will try to answer those that are asked most frequently. We pray and try to hear the answers, but as always, our filters are human. Please feel free to submit your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and bless you for not expecting an answer if we do not publish all of them. By sending in your questions, you are agreeing to have your initials and your city published beside the questions.

Question #1: Why has God not healed me? This age–old question, although hard to answer, has multiple facets to its answer. We find that there are blocks to healing (like unforgiveness, ongoing sin, etc.) yet we also see God do miracles and heal people who haven't forgiven and who continue to sin. Healing is a mystery and God's timing isn't always ours. My answer to this very difficult question came after I prayed for a friend whose baby died. She asked me how I could still pray for healing after her baby was not healed here on earth. I said "All I know is that I see some people healed when I pray and so if I stop praying, those "some" wouldn't have been healed when they were…so I continue to pray." Bless all of you who are still waiting. We continue to wait with you and pray for you.*

Question #2: Can God use me to heal people if I am not whole myself? My answer to this question is yes. I for one have continual issues and character flaws in my life. I am critical, judgmental, get angry at people, etc. And I pray for people and often see healing. We at CHM recommend our conferences, such as Journey to Healing, to create awareness and the removal of strongholds that keep us in repetitious sin patterns. God used donkeys and rocks to give His messages when people were not available. We do recommend personal growth and cleansing before starting ministry in healing, but certainly God can use people who are not perfect.

Question #3: Why does disease come back after God healed me? Was I really healed? The quick answer to this question is that perhaps the "reason" for the disease was not prayed through to get rid of the source of the disease. We have found, experientially, that some diseases often fall into categories where a large percentage of people have an issue of unforgiveness when they come to our prayer ministers. If perhaps God miraculously heals the illness but the unforgiveness still remains, then the source of the sickness hasn't been eradicated. To the question, "Was I really healed," I would say, "Yes." If we get prayer when we have a cold and it goes away miraculously, do we say we weren't healed if it returns again in six months? Or a fever…or a wart…or the flu? I don't know why, but people categorize larger and more serious illnesses into the "maybe I was never healed" category if they return.

I hope and pray that these answers are helpful. Please send us more.

Kathi Smith Kathi Smith is the Senior Editor of Healing Line and an active CHM prayer minister. Nov/Dec 2009 Issue