Healing Line

Healing Line

A Healing Place

by Judy Smith
Jan/Feb 2010

Blessings Happen at the Bookstore

People come to Christian Healing Ministries for various reasons. Some come to receive prayer, others for a miracle, and for some, it is to hear from the Lord. People receive healing in our prayer rooms, during the conferences, and oh yes, even in our bookstore. Prayer and miracles take place in our bookstore on a regular basis. There have been many instances where a package mailed to Australia has been lost and after prayer by Jane Wilson and Janice Melton, it miraculously appeared on the appointed doorstep. Someone in need of a particular book (that we don’t carry) finds it “miraculously” on the shelf. Jane often prays over books as they are being packed and shipped. Especially, the book by Francis MacNutt, Deliverance from Evil Spirits has an especially hard time making it to the buyer’s home; but after praying over it before it is mailed, it arrives intact.

“Getting to know the patrons is the best part of working in the bookstore”, says Jane and Janice. “We meet the most wonderful people through working here”. Whether you visit in person, call in a phone order, or order through the internet; Jane comments that she serves the “nicest people”. Jane sees her job at the bookstore as an important and integral part of the healing ministry that goes on at CHM. She will often be asked to pray with an individual at check–out. After people come to CHM, they have an opportunity to receive restoration through prayer by our prayer ministers, by listening to CD’s, viewing DVD’s on healing or reading a book. If you have attended a School of Healing Prayer you know from listening to Francis and Judith MacNutt speak that people receive healing in many different ways. One thing for certain, Jane is always there, ready to make a reading recommendation based on your need.

We are all envisioning how the larger bookstore at the “New International Healing Center” will reach out and meet the needs of our community, as well as our CHM family in a greater way. The bookstore will expand from 250 sq. ft. to approximately 1000 sq. ft. to accommodate a reading area and a gift shop. The increased space will provide the ability to make available hard–to–find titles and the most requested books. It will not look like anything we have now. Imagine the new bookstore four times larger, surrounded by glass, so everyone can appreciate the view of beautiful live oak trees. Please join us in praying that the bookstore at the new center will be all the Lord intends it to be!

Judy Smith Judy Smith is the Coordinator of Donor Services for CHM. Magazine Issue