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Jan/Feb 2010

Laborers Being Multiplied
by Francis MacNutt, testimonies submitted by Jim & Sandy Dagnon

Of course, we love to hear about individual healings, but Jesus prayed that his Father would create more prayer ministers: “The harvest is rich but the laborers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to his harvest” (Mt. 9:37). And so it delights us to hear that this very thing is happening in many places. For example, Jim and Sandy Dagnon (and a number of friends) traveled here to Florida from western Washington State in Seattle and absorbed the healing teachings and then brought them back home. The wonderful thing is that through putting on healing workshops using our CHM DVDs, they have succeeded in establishing prayer groups in 15 Catholic parishes in the Seattle area. These new “laborers in the harvest” sent us a number of testimonies to encourage us. Here are a few of the testimonies:

  • “Praise God for the healings I have personally experienced over the past year. A huge burden of pain has been lifted and replaced with joy — a further level of healing from childhood sexual abuse. I have experienced freedom to worship with joy and surrender. My marriage is opening up to healing.”
  • “A client has experienced a victory over an attack by the enemy that was headed towards death, but instead has opened the door to abundant life. I have seen unbelief eroded and replaced with hope.”
  • “Seeing your teachings on the ‘big screen’ here in Seattle has allowed us to appreciate the depth, wisdom, knowledge, love, hope, and grace that is the foundation of this ministry.”

And a reflection that really touches me most deeply:

  • “The area I am most challenged by is the magnitude of pain and suffering in the body of Christ. These sessions of learning have opened me up to the infinite resources for healing available in Christ.”

Nothing is Impossible
submitted by Patricia Smith

I asked you to pray for my 88 year old Dad last year. He was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. At age 65 he had a quadruple bypass, ten years later had his first pacemaker put in, then 7 years after that had a second one put in. Last year he had a very serious episode and when he was finally discharged they told him he had atrial fibrillation and a leaky valve on one side of his heart. After observing him for days the doctor chose not to put a defibrillator in his heart. He was released and recovered from the hospitalization very nicely. Thank you so much for your prayers for him, but that's not all.

He is 89 now and continues to be the primary caregiver (emotionally) for my Mom (86) who is nearing death after 9 years with Alzheimer's. One of my requests from God was that "his health be strong until the end to be there for Mom."

Today I heard remarkable news. At his cardiologist's appointment, the doctor took an EKG three times because he couldn't believe what he saw in the readings. Shaking his head back and forth, he said several times, "Nothing is impossible, but this is impossible." My Dad's heartbeat was that of a man in his early 30's.

Thanks be to God for the power unleashed in prayer and fasting. Thank you for being a center of healing for so many. May God richly bless your ministry.

Gift of Pentecost
submitted by Daniel Murray

While I was at the last conference, God provided me with a gift that I had never heard of happening in my lifetime or experienced before.

I had been to at least three conferences before and each time I have attended I have experienced a blessing from God. These experiences have increased my awareness of the healing power of Jesus and encouraged me to seek more of God's presence in my life.

During these conferences, Francis usually sings in tongues one night. I have witnessed the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit in the audience. Some rest in the Spirit, some begin crying as the Lord touches them, some are released from their darkness, and there is a wonderful presence of God in the room.

This particular night, as Francis began singing in tongues, I asked the person next to me, "Why is Francis singing in English tonight?"

She replied, "He is singing in tongues."

I was amazed because I was hearing every word in English! It took a couple of minutes before I realized that I should be writing down what Francis was singing. I managed to capture the following:

"You forgive me my sins"
"You make me whole"
"Your blood washes me clean"

I told Francis at breakfast the next morning that I had heard him singing in English. I asked him, "Is that the gift of interpretation of tongues?"

Francis said, "No, that is the gift of Pentecost."

Imagine the gift of Pentecost!

Afterwards I remembered a statement that Katherine Kuhlman made, "Pentecost is not over; it remains."

I believe that the gift of Pentecost is available today for many of us. However, to receive it we must model what the 120 disciples did in the upper room. We must wait on the Holy Spirit as we pray together; offer God our worship and praise and thanksgiving in unity. I think that is why it happened to me when Francis sang in tongues after we had worshiped and praised the Lord.

Walk Through the Gate
submitted by Linda Tully

Where to begin...I can't express adequately my appreciation for your ministry! The term "life changing" is so over used and has lost its punch, but that's exactly the impact healing prayer has had on me. I personally have experienced inner healing and physical healing. I have been healed of a deeply rooted spirit of fear, and the spirits of insecurity and inferiority. The only way I can explain how I feel is to say that I have a "lightness of being." It's different from peace, though there is that, too. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about a year ago and that has been healed. My mother and sister attended prayer sessions this summer at your Jacksonville facility and my mother has been healed of colitis and edema, and my sister is experiencing ongoing inner healing and healing from addiction.

I am reminded of something Judith said that has really stuck with me. It was along the lines of this: Christians don't experience the fullness of walking with the Lord because they're still hovering around the gate to the kingdom instead of going all the way in to experience all God has to offer — peace, joy, love, etc! I am no longer the skeptic I was a year ago and can scarcely keep myself from telling everyone I know that they'd really be better off if they'd just get some healing prayer — just walk all the way in, don't stop once you get inside the gate! God in His economy, however, is keeping me reined in a bit and has called me to the healing prayer ministry — I'm in Level 2 training — so that He can teach me how to effectively, and in His way, minister to others.

So, thank you all of you at CHM, for your obedience to His call, for your generosity of spirit, for your steadfastness, for your hospitality, for "being Jesus."

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