Healing Line

Healing Line

A Healing Place

by Michael Simon
May/June 2010

How would you feel if you found out that you could have kept your foot but the doctor amputated it because he didn’t know about an available technique? That almost happened to the daughter of a woman I met. The only reason they didn’t amputate was that someone else introduced her to a little known treatment that would bring healing through closed loop chemotherapy. She kept her foot. Who knows how many limbs and lives could have been saved if only that treatment had better visibility and access. If it isn’t visible it’s very hard to access.

Greater numbers of Christians are coming forward to make sure that others don’t miss out on God’s life saving and life changing healings due to lack of visibility and access. They know that in a time when people think if you can’t see it then it doesn’t exist — a testament to the reality that God still heals is desperately needed. The more visible and accessible, the greater the chance that people will come and find healing. This is why the time to build Christian Healing Ministries' new International Center for Healing is now.

The center will offer much greater capacity, providing an exponential increase in the number of scheduled prayer appointments than the current CHM campus allows. The grounds will be designed for walking, sitting, and reflecting. The chapel will offer a place of solace and peace for experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit. The training center will create the flexibility to offer multiple levels of schools simultaneously. The new center design will foster greater presence on the internet through streaming classes and conferences and web ministry. Visitors will have many options for receiving healing prayer or learning healing prayer. Greater access and greater visibility means far more healing and far fewer “if only’s.”

Jesus is the ultimate example of visibility and accessibility. In fact, the New Living Translation of the Bible (Col 1:15) says about Jesus that “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.” It is Jesus’ healing message that is so desperately needed today; healing us not only spiritually, but physically, and emotionally as well. Join us. Working together we can make the reality that Jesus continues to heal both visible and accessible.

Michael Simon Michael Simon is the Director of Development for CHM. May/Jun 2010