Healing Line

Healing Line

A Healing Place

by Michael Simon
Jul/Aug 2010

Everyone Gets To Play

In a competitive world, where there seem to be limited spaces on each team, there is a need for a place where everyone gets to play. Everyone gets to play seems to be God’s economy. For instance, things would be different in American college football if all 125 players got to play each game, not just the standard 66. What if all the players had a chance to start a game each season? If this were the case, Matt Cassel might not have had to wait 4 years of college plus 4 more for the New England Patriots to start a game and show he is a top tier quarterback. After not starting a game for those 8 years, Matt’s performance was so stellar that he was voted offensive player of the week two times that year. How many great prayer “athletes” will shine when they get their chance?

Even among faith leaders who promote healing there are many who miss the chance to communicate that healing prayer can be an ordinary part of the Christian life. The new healing center that will be Christian Healing Ministries' future home will make it possible to convey the good news of healing prayer to greater numbers both by providing more spots for training and more opportunities to receive prayer. Everyone can play. There are no second or third string players.

Why is that important? It is important for several reasons. Everyone gets to play means more healers to address the urgency felt by those in need of healing. There is often a high sense of urgency for the person who has been dealing with a life threatening illness or long–term emotional wounds. For example, when your doctor does everything medically possible, and yet is not sure your family member’s condition will improve, you want to know your loved one will live next week. That is urgent. Healing is also central to the Gospel. Healing, restoration, freedom and hope — not just in eternity but in this life — make the Gospel news really good news. Everyone gets to play means more prayer ministers sharing the Good News. Finally, missing healing prayer is missing a gift God has already given to us. It is like having a Ferrari in your garage and not driving it. (Call me; I’ll drive it!) Everyone gets to play means Christians using the gifts God has already given them to be a fulfilling part of the body of Christ.

Christian Healing Ministries is being called to an expanded vision, to build a healing place, where even more are given access to healing prayer so that all can play. Join us. There is a spot for you on this team and we want you to play!

Michael Simon Michael Simon is the Director of Development for CHM. Jul/Aug 2010