Healing Line

Healing Line

Healing Dreams

by Leslie Royalty
May/Jun 2011

When praying for someone at the close of a prayer session, I often ask the Lord to give them healing dreams. It seems as though sleep is an ideal time for God to heal on a deep, subconscious level. With the mental filters of consciousness turned off and out of the way, our true feelings and beliefs tend to surface more freely. Not only this, but our spirit remains just as active and open to receiving from God. What an ideal opportunity for God to have direct access into our souls! Especially for those who struggle with just receiving from God, sleep can be the perfect training ground!

I also pray regularly for my own dreams, that God would give me revelation. Throughout the past 8 years or so I personally have experienced life–changing healing through God ministering to me in my dreams. In particular, God has used my dreams as the setting to bring deep healing in the area of my own authority over evil. As I’ve shared before, I had struggled with fear for most of my life. This became particularly evident as I moved deeper into the healing ministry and began to encounter more of the reality of evil. I was literally terrified of encountering evil spirits, whether in prayer for someone else or behind my closet door. I had very little if any security in my God–given authority. I knew it in my mind, but when the rubber met the road, I froze inside. This fear was mostly due to trauma in my childhood, which was primarily resolved through receiving inner healing prayer. However, God was simultaneously giving me dreams that helped to release me from fear. It was like He was using my dreams as a dress rehearsal, reinforcing a solid sense of authority growing within me that could then be played out in real life.

Here are some examples. For many years I would frequently have terrifying nightmares that usually placed me in a petrifying situation, making me feel totally helpless and panicked. As I began to learn more about inner healing and experience some myself, I started praying before going to bed that God’s truth and Spirit would rule and reign in my dreams, mostly by preventing nightmares. However, gradually the nightmares began to transform into dreams that actually brought healing. I remember one dream in which I was praying for someone when all of a sudden an evil spirit lashed out at me. The familiar panic came over me and I was terrified. Whereas normally I would wake up in the middle of that fear, the dream continued and all of a sudden an angel appeared in the scene, standing between me and the evil spirit. With the most calm, reassuring smile the angel said, “Do not be afraid, Leslie, they are subject to you.” When I awoke, I was in awe. Theologically I had known that to be true, but now it felt like the truth of that statement went deeper into my soul than it ever had before. I soaked it in for days. That dream was a critical part of a shift that was taking place inside of me.

A good amount of time passed while this gradual transformation continued. I had a couple of dreams in that period, but one in particular stands out. I dreamed that I had been walking in the playground of my elementary school, about to head home, when I noticed a group of tall, dark figures closing in on me. I instinctively sensed danger in the situation and turned to run back to the group inside the playground for safety, but I found myself already surrounded. However, instead of responding with the familiar panic and helplessness, I looked at them directly and said, “Don’t even touch me,” and proceeded to walk right through the middle of the group. One of them reached out a finger to touch me, as if to test me, and I just looked at him straight in the face and said emphatically, “Trust me, you do not want to mess with Jesus.” He instantly drew back his finger as though stunned, I walked right through, and the dream ended. This dream was such a confirmation of the healing that had occurred over time. I loved my response! It revealed a true confidence in Jesus and His authority that had been growing deep within me. I knew that Jesus was my protector and anyone who messed with me would be messing with Him. The familiar fear just wasn’t there anymore. Instead I was walking in a new freedom and security in Jesus. What a gift!

I pray that these examples encourage you to ask the Lord to bring healing dreams both for yourself as well as for others. He is so faithful. Just wait and see what He does!

Leslie Royalty Leslie Royalty is in charge of Prayer Minister Care at CHM. May/Jun 2011