Healing Line

Healing Line

Connecting the Dots with the Past

by Margaret Neill
Jul/Aug/Sep 2011

In July of this year, I participated in a healing prayer session at CHM to deal with a pressing need to pray for my family tree. Throughout my life I was aware of a very rich and loving tradition in our family, yet at the same time, I also sensed of some intense wounding in my parents’ generation. At first I thought it was primarily from one side of my family - the family line where I had felt the most hurt - but as I prepared for the session, I realized that both sides of my family had left me an unexpected inheritance. I was prepared to open myself during the prayer session for God to work on all areas in need of healing. After the session, I felt we had done a lot of work and that Jesus had walked right into the wounding through the centuries. However, as I went back to the hotel and reflected on the experience during the next two days, I felt there was more to be done - something was unfinished.

I was not sure what was missing, but as the training week unfolded the “unfinished” surfaced with great power. For many years, since the coming of the Holy Spirit into my life, I have had unusual experiences pointing to a relationship with four groups of ancient people - Australian Aborigines, Irish pre-Celtic peoples, Native American peoples, particularly in the American Southwest, and the Bushmen of Africa. Of particular is that I am not aware of any biological connection with any of these people, aside from that shared by all humans. When we began the work on the healing of the family tree - about Wednesday - I was fine and there was no indication anything was about to erupt. The class started as usual with the prayer time, and as the teaching started, and I began to feel uncomfortable - uneasy, fidgeting and near tears.

I left the teaching hall and went into the chapel to regain some composure. The next thing I knew I was not only crying but trying very hard not to wail and say things about not being able to take it anymore. I was in crisis! Two CHM staff members came to me, and as the crying slowed down, they asked if I could return to the class and listen to the teaching. They suggested that might help.

During the rest of the teaching, my mind was filled with images of ancient peoples, and I attempted to understand their relationship to each other and also to me. I realized they were all First Peoples and had been oppressed by invaders of their territory. Many were enslaved and some were deprived of their cultures or even killed.

I began to remember that I had recently been experiencing a very deep well of anger that would erupt at unexpected times, and with great intensity, whenever I listened to the news or sensed that INJUSTICE was being done to a person, group or country. After the teaching, I went to sit with my friends and told them about the intensity of my reaction to the First Peoples and their experience of injustice. I was very upset. As they tried to calm me down, another classmate came and listened in and said to all of us, “We need to pray for Margaret, right now!” And so they did. At some point he said, “We need someone here with more power. Then came a young woman who bore my daughter’s name, Glynnis. As she heard my dilemma she immediately recognized all the people as First People and said they had all suffered oppression and injustice and that I was connecting to them in some way. She began to pray with us and then asked if I would put all the things about my family and/or these people into a bowl made with my hand. I don’t remember all that came up but the list included both positive and negative things. When the prayer was finished, I was relieved and released, but also very tired. I don’t remember much about the rest of the day but I know that much healing took place, and I am no longer afraid of the connection I have been given with these First Peoples. The healing is not complete but I am now sure of the road on which I am being led to travel. I thank God and the Prayer Ministers at CHM and my classmates in Level II School of Healing Prayer® for this healing experience.

Margaret Neill attended the Level II School of Healing Prayer® July 12-16, 2010. Prior to this, she attended a personal prayer time that was connected to her experience during the School. We asked her if she would give an account of that experience.

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