Healing Line

Healing Line

Angels are for Real

by Judith MacNutt
Jan/Feb/Mar 2012

Years ago, in 1990, Francis and I were in London for a conference where John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard Church, was the main speaker. At the end of his talk, John invited us backstage to meet the members of his team. Several of those present were remarkably gifted in the prophetic. John was delighted to bless us by having his team pray over us. Some beautiful and encouraging words from the Lord were spoken to us by his team. I remember one ‘word’ in particular lodged in my heart! The youngest pastor present that day on his team admitted that he didn’t know much about our ministry, but, yet he felt that God wanted to encourage me to write a book about angels. What only a few close friends knew was that a contract to write a book on angels was on my desk back in the U.S. at that very moment!

At that time, Francis and I were traveling extensively and were raising two young, wonderful children while simultaneously involved in a full time ministry. As a result of our hectic schedule, that contract was never signed. Two years ago, Jane Campbell, an editor for Chosen Books and a longtime friend who has worked with Francis editing several of his books, asked if I would revisit the possibility of writing that book on angels. This time I signed the contract and we have moved ahead to bring Angels Are For Real into print.

Our publisher, Chosen Books, has this to say about the book: “Angels have been and will continue to be, a vital part of God’s Kingdom. Throughout the ages, angels have been messengers, protectors, healers, comforters and more to the people of God. Sometimes their presence is as subtle as a whisper of wind, at other times as visible as the sun. Yet many Christians treat the existence of angels lightly or fail to consider them at all. In Angels Are For Real Judith MacNutt pulls back the curtain on the lives of these intriguing heavenly beings, recounting inspiring, true–life stories. She draws on solid scriptural support to explore:

  • What angels look like
  • What they do
  • Why they are important in believers’ lives
  • The heavenly hierarchy
  • What fallen angels are

Angels Are For Real is an accessible, comprehensive, encouraging guide for Christians. When believers grasp how important angels are to God — and to themselves — they will better understand God’s extraordinary love.”

During ministry trips to different parts of the world, I constantly meet ordinary people who have had extraordinary supernatural encounters with God’s holy angels. These experiences are not rare and for most of these people, are unexpected. A 2007 Gallup Poll found that 75% of Americans believe in angels and 50% believe they have their own guardian angel. At a time when many theologians de–emphasize the supernatural realm (which includes angels), we believe God is raising our awareness that the angelic host is actively involved in our day–to–day lives. Their presence brings comfort and strength by conveying God’s love in real and tangible ways. An angel is a stepping stone to the larger reality of God’s Kingdom, and ultimately, they point to God Himself.

In speaking of the angels, scripture says, “he makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire. Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:7, 14) These holy companions also escort believers into the Kingdom of Heaven at death. The first story is from our dear friend and CHM Board member Mrs. Emmy Cerveny. The second story serves as a powerful reminder that God’s holy angels are actively engaged in spiritual warfare on behalf of God’s children.

Excerpts from Angels Are For Real


A Mother's Heavenly Escorts at Death

My mother had been diagnosed with emphysema, and her doctors believed she only had a short time to live. My husband, Frank, was active as an Episcopal Bishop of Florida, and our lives were quite busy. Even so, we wanted to be with her, so we moved her into a lovely condominium near our home.

My mother was an incredible believer, having had her life transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and she was excited to live close to Christian Healing Ministries. I would often go into her home and hear Francis MacNutt’s voice on tape and wonder if he was visiting her, which, thankfully, he did many times. Because of her deep faith, the MacNutts and many of the community of the faithful, my mother experienced a very holy death. She was not afraid to die. In fact, she looked forward to joining my daddy and others who had gone before her.

My friend Sue would often play her harp, and we would all gather around my mother’s bed and sing praise music. Once Mother bolted straight up in the bed and said, “Am I dead yet? This dying is not bad at all!”

One day, Bishop Frank held a Diocesan Convention and wanted to bring Mother Holy Communion before the meeting. When he walked into her bedroom, she said, “Emmy, did you see that angel fly in over Frank’s head when he opened the door?” I hadn’t seen it, but she clearly had.

Frank gave her communion and prayed with her. A few hours later, Mother called me into her room and said, “Emmy, do you see those angels in the corner of my room? There’s a path of beautiful flowers on either side, and the street is lined with many, many angels.” The picture was so vivid to her. As I sat quietly by her bed, she said, “Emmy, the angels — do you see them now? They want me to come and go with them. I believe I am ready to go — please come hold my hand and help me join them. Wait! Honey, call your brother to be with us.” As we stood on either side of her bed, she said, “I am ready to join them...” Then she quietly departed with the angels.

I remember singing, “This is holy ground.” And holy it was — the room was filled with the heavenly hosts. I will never be afraid to die.

I was prepared for this time through teachings we had received from the MacNutts and Father Frank Dearing, a local beloved Episcopal priest. We learned that healing takes many forms. In my mother’s case, as in the case of many I have known, death was a friend. Death for her came gently, beautifully and in the presence of the holy angels. Blessed are those who have had the privilege of learning to expect them. Angels are real, if only we have eyes to see them! — Emmy Cerveny



A couple of year ago, my husband and I developed a close relationship with a precious eight–year–old girl. Her family sat next to us in church every Sunday, and she would draw pictures for us during the sermon.

One day at school, she became very belligerent. She was hitting, yelling and spitting at the other children. This behavior was totally uncharacteristic of her. Because of this, the school asked her parents to take her home. Seeking help, her parents had her evaluated by a child psychologist, who diagnosed her as schizophrenic and admitted her to a children’s psychiatric hospital.

As a member of my church’s healing prayer team, I met weekly with the group to pray for those in need. One morning as we were praying, I had a vision about this little girl. I saw in my mind’s eye a figure who I “knew” was the Archangel Michael. He was standing in the door of the girl’s hospital room, guarding her. He was large in stature and was holding a double–edged sword slanted across the open door to her room, barring any entrance. His eyes were fierce. He was dressed like a Roman soldier, with a short tunic gathered at the waist by a leather belt. The “skirt” of his outfit was made of tooled leather strips hanging down to his knees. He wore sandals that were laced and wrapped around his strong legs. The neck of the tunic was rounded, and the sleeves were part of the shoulder seam. I knew he was protecting this child from some sort of evil. I shared my vision with my prayer group as we continued praying.

The next day, a friend called to say that the girl had been released from the hospital. She was perfectly fine and was back at school being the sweet girl everyone loved. Later when I saw her at church, she leaned over and said, “I have a new friend. His name is Michael, and he takes care of me.”

I thank God for this beautiful child’s healing and for Michael the Archangel, who delivered her and guards her still. — Prim Brown


In addition to this child’s guardian angel, God had commanded the great Archangel Michael to defend her. Michael is the mighty warrior angel that you will meet again in the section ahead on the classification of angels. Michael leads the battle against evil and will destroy Satan at the end of the age.

These two touching angel stories are representative of these stories submitted by our readers. My prayer is that you will become increasing aware of the angelic realm, as I have, and as you read Angels are For Real. God has provided these loving, powerful heavenly beings as our companions.

If you have an angel story, we would love to hear it! Please send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, address, phone number and email address.

Judith MacNutt Judith MacNutt is author, teacher, conference speaker and co–founder of CHM. Jan/Feb/Mar 2012