Healing Line

Healing Line

Letting Go: The Way to Freedom

by Leslie Royalty
Jul/Aug/Sept 2012

One of the most difficult challenges we face in life is letting go of someone we love — not in the sense of cutting them off and saying goodbye, but in the sense of entrusting them into God’s care. For many this involves letting go of a false sense of responsibility for this person’s well–being, salvation, or healing. Or perhaps it means letting go of a need to control, protect, or change this person. Regardless of the particular dynamics involved, God beckons us to relinquish the person completely into His care. In this surrender, greater freedom comes not only for us, but also for those we entrust to Him.

During our recent Journey to Healing Retreat, a young woman experienced a beautiful example of this release and the subsequent healing that followed. On the second evening of the retreat, we held a Mother and Father Blessing Service, during which recipients had an opportunity to come forward to male and female prayer ministers alternately and receive a hug and words of love and affirmation that they may not have received from their own mother and/or father. We often find that this time brings a deep release of pain people have carried for much of their lives, which God then replaces with His greater love. This young woman shares the powerful encounter she had with the Lord during this service:

“During the mother’s blessing I felt something tell me during prayer that I couldn’t save my mom. I realized that I took on protecting my mom at the age of 6 years old. I made a vow to protect her from anyone who would look at the birth mark on her face. From that moment on I took on trying to save her; from other people, from her anger, and even from herself. This vow made me take on responsibility that was never mine. I was trying to be a savior to my mom. I held her so close; she was imprinted into me. God showed me that I needed to give her to Jesus. In prayer, I took my mom from behind me and led her to the stairwell only she could climb. Jesus came and took her hand and she let mine go to walk up with Jesus. He enfolded her in His mantle and I was held by my guardian angel. I wasn’t alone. A piece of me, the control, was taken and I released her to the only One who can love her. I trust He will take care of her and that my guardian angel will guard me from trying to take her back.”

The freedom and healing this young woman received as a result of surrendering her mother to the Lord was truly life–changing. About two weeks after the retreat, I received a follow–up email, explaining how the healing had continued! Here is a portion of her note:

“I wanted you to know a blessing that has come from my healing with my mother. My mom has been out of town caring for her father and really struggling with being at peace since there’s a big possibility of losing him. Two days after my healing, I spoke with her on the phone and explained to her how amazing the retreat was and how I was getting to know Abba as my daddy and learn about His love. I just shared how much more happy and fulfilled I felt. She started weeping on the phone and said, ‘Wow. After I get home, I need to go to a healing retreat.’ We have had numerous conversations about CHM and how I would love for her to go, but it only came after I released her to the Lord. Coincidence? I think not. It amazes me that when we release others whom we have been trying to “save”, we give God the room to go in and do what He needs to do. I was so encouraged by this and wanted to share how my healing came full circle. I know that my mom is in good hands with the Father and this has allowed me to build trust in Him and His promise to never leave me or my mother. He is so faithful.”

Praise the Lord! May He give each of us the grace to entrust our loved ones to Him,

“…who is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine.” (Eph 3:20)

*For more information about the Mother's Blessing and Father's Blessing, please visit them under the Ministry page.

Leslie Royalty Leslie Royalty is in charge of Prayer Minister Care at CHM. Jul/Aug/Sep 2012