Healing Line

Healing Line

The Word of Their Testimony...

Oct/Nov/Dec 2012

Healing of Homosexuality

I'm writing to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your ministry and writings which God used powerfully to heal my broken heart and deliver me out of homosexuality. Thank you a thousand times over.

My dad, who is a pastor and knew of my struggle, gave me your book, Can Homosexuality Be Healed?, but I neglected to read it because I'd found other books on the subject disappointing. It sat on my shelf for two years. One evening about three years ago, I felt an urge from the Holy Spirit to find your book and read it. Almost instantaneously, I felt a strong resistance, almost as if someone was saying, "NO! NOT THAT BOOK!" I found it and read it in one sitting, an experience which forever changed my life.

Everything there was helpful, but I will highlight two points you made which were of particular benefit to me. One is the inimitable potency of healing prayer. I read over and over the beautiful words of one prayer you quoted: I pray that the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ will enter me right now, mind, body, soul and spirit, and reorient my sexuality towards women. I am not exaggerating when I say I felt a noticeable difference when I prayed these words, almost like something had clicked inside my heart.

Reading on, I was moved and fascinated by the idea of inner healing prayer. That Jesus Christ could move in my past and "bind up my broken heart" was truly wonderful! I used your description of this process to invite Jesus to heal me in this way. I worked through several memories right then and there by myself, ranging from when I was a toddler all the way through high school. The Lord showed up in my thoughts in bodily form and drew the poison out of those wounds in a way I would not have believed possible. I went to bed that night a changed man.

The next morning at church, I realized that my attraction to men had gone down from, say, a 10 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10. A bizarre new feeling had also sprung up over night. I realized I was noticing women. Perhaps my attraction for women had moved from a 0 to a 6. I couldn't believe it and I'd never been more delighted.

Over the next year, the Lord delivered me completely. As I sought the Lord with all my heart and allowed his fatherly hand to affirm me in my masculinity, heal me of more wounded memories, and provide me with experiences which opened my eyes to the man I already was (though I didn't know it), I became fully attracted to women (10 out of 10), As for men, they are not even at a 0 because they aren't on my radar at all! Praise Jesus for that.

In addition to my attractions, Jesus has delivered me from self–loathing, shame, envy of other men, fear, bottom–of–the–barrel self–esteem, and near–total isolation. I am happy and free. I look forward to some day marrying and having children of my own, a prospect which seemed impossible three years ago. Your book was instrumental in that process. I consider the afternoon and evening I read it to be a turning point in my life, and for that I thank you.

Blessings on you and yours,

Touching Lives in Uganda

Praise be to the living God.

We are back in Gulu. Just as Francis MacNutt has said, for reasons he does not understand, God seems to do more healings in the practicum demonstration. This time around the Almighty did just that for us. A woman in her mid–sixties came, walking with the aid of a cane. She climbed up to the practicum stage with difficulty. After the practicum, she stood up and ran all around the stage dancing and shouting, "I am healed!" She then abandoned the cane and proceeded to take her seat in the congregation. On the last day, this woman went back home without her cane, her back was more straightened than she came, and she had no body pain. She had been sick and in pain for 18 years and used the walking stick aid for the last 8 of the 18 years. Glory be to God!

Apart from the many testimonies of healings, there was also a woman brought to school before she could proceed to Mulago hospital in Kampala. She was brought by her son who was attending the school. Unable to move without support and lying in the room for most of the time, she got up during a time of healing through praise and worship, and joined in the dancing. She testified that while she had left her bag already packed for Kampala, she was going home a different person.

Once again, thank you very much for obeying the call of God in bringing the Schools of Healing Prayer® to Uganda. God is now using them to touch many souls in Uganda. Continue to pray for us. We had an attendance number of about 120 participants, threecoming to us from the last school in Soroti, and one from Jinja. There were also three priests in the program.

Thank you Jesus.

Oct/Nov/Dec 2012