Healing Line

Healing Line

The Word of Their Testimony...

Jan/Feb/Mar 2013

CHM Women's Conference 2012 Participant

"I brought thirteen ladies to the conference (Captivate Women’s Conference) — double the number from last year. Everyone of us had a life–changing encounter with the Lord Jesus. We send a heart–felt thank you for the great work you are doing for the kingdom."

Two Powerful Healings

Margie H. — went to CHM's Captivate conference last year

Margie’s husband had Stage 4 esophageal cancer this year. Margie reported that her husband was completely healed this summer and the cancer has disappeared! A CAT scan and biopsy confirmed the report.

J.D. Smith — stroke

Two years ago, J.D. had a major stroke which left him mostly paralyzed and unable to talk. His wife put him in a wheelchair and faithfully brought him for communion every Sunday and to healing services, led by a priest trained at CHM. Month after month he improved, but medically speaking this is a mystery. J.D. has a picture of his brain scan — half of his brain tissue is completely dead, yet now he is not only talking and walking and laughing, he is a youth leader. In June, J.D. was climbing mountains in Virginia with the high school students.

Healing of the Retina

Today I received confirmation via a test from my doctor that my virtually blind left eye has been healed. Of course I knew this had happened but I wanted to wait until receiving medical proof before saying anything. The scan taken in April 2012 showed what almost looks like a hole blown through the macula in my retina. (The macula is in the center part of the retina where focusing takes place) Last March/April the vision in my left eye became extremely blurry to where I could not read or see much beyond 10 feet with my left eye (not even the big E on eye chart). There is no known cause of this in my case. It was a real discouragement to me at the time.

The only way to repair a hole in the macula, at my progression, is surgically with a success rate of 80% or so if one is capable of lying face down for an entire week. At that time I felt I should not have surgery for the foreseeable future, but have people pray for me while only having full sight in one eye. A friend prayed for me and anointed my left eye with oil and I received prayer at my church’s healing prayer group, at Christian Healing Ministries, and with another group.

Anyway, today is a joyful day in that I can report and confirm to you that the hole has been healed over! The new scan shows only a small bump, which is normal. I can read perfectly again.

My retina physician seems to be a real nice man and was very happy as well as surprised when he saw the scan results. He said I was one of the few lucky ones he had ever seen, where a macular hole of this size had healed itself without surgery. I told him I had received prayer for physical healing but his response was skeptical. He said these things do heal although it happens less than 5% of the time.

This is the second major physical healing I have received from the Lord, the first being two discs in my lower back in September 2007 at a CHM conference. Through it all, the healing in my marriage and family has been even greater and more important. I believe God works supernaturally for most people at various times in their lives as a demonstration of His love and power. — Bruce

Jan/Feb/Mar 2013