Healing Line

Healing Line

Three Message from God for Sarah Jane

by Judith MacNutt
Jan/Feb/Mar 2013

This exciting testimony was sent to us by a dear, long–time friend of CHM, Sarah Jane Lavery of Manchester, NH. Sarah Jane has been attending CHM's conferences in New England for eighteen years and has been facilitating our Schools of Healing Prayer® at her church since 1997. She has 'built an army for the Lord' by training and equipping many powerful prayer ministers who serve God throughout the Northeast. Her testimony is a beautiful example of how God lovingly and powerfully meets us when we immerse ourselves in His presence over the course of several days!

I am writing to praise the Lord for a healing I received during the Christian Healing Ministries in New England Conference that was held at Mt. Snow, VT, June 15 – 18, 2011.

Previous to attending this conference, I suffered a thromboid strain (back strain). I experienced all the pain and anxiety that accompanies a trip to the ER, as well as a cardiac work–up and overnight stay in the hospital to rule out a heart attack. Later, I was referred to a physical therapist for rehab. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and osteopenia several years ago and had developed scoliosis and have lost inches in my height. So it was uppermost in my mind to request prayer for healing at the conference.

During the healing service at the conference, a word of knowledge for "scoliosis" was proclaimed and I felt the nudge to stand up. I received prayer that night and rested in the Spirit. While resting in the Spirit on the floor, I heard the Lord say, "Don't be afraid of anything that happens". Suddenly I felt both arms that were folded over my chest thump to the floor once and then again. Then my right shoulder and right arm began to twitch. I could hear a man's voice to my right say, "See that twitching, that's the Holy Spirit". I pondered all this as I returned to my room. I knew I felt different but I could still see the curve in my back.

The next morning I went to receive individual prayer ministry and I shared what happened. One of the prayer ministers witnessed that she had prayed with her son who had scoliosis and was healed. She was happy to pray with me and also told me she would continue interceding. Later, we exchanged email addresses so we could keep in touch. Again, I went for more prayer ministry and one of the prayer ministers witnessed healings from osteoarthritis in different areas of her body which was very encouraging. I continued to receive much prayer throughout the duration of the conference.

As I prayed and listened to the Lord, I asked him, "What's going on?" I heard Him say two words — "significant change".

One more important thing happened. During a session led by Judith MacNutt, she encouraged people to witness what God had done the evening before during the empowerment session. A man witnessed a healing and deliverance from "soul ties". He and his wife had been grieving the loss of a son. Judith invited them both to stand for prayer and then invited anyone who had ever lost a child to stand for prayer as well. I stood up without hesitation and surprised myself.

My daughter Mari–Beth died of cancer 26 years ago, at the age of 26. I have received a lot of prayer over the years and thought I had grieved as I needed to. I wasn't sure what that was all about at that moment.

Later, in retrospect, I realized that I yawned continually during the empowerment session, prayed in the Spirit almost non–stop and was exhausted and couldn't wait to go to bed. When I returned to my room, I felt irritated and felt myself getting cranky toward my roommate, so I stopped talking and prayed myself to sleep. It was on the way home sharing with friends that I remembered when the arthritis pain started — it was after my daughter died. So I praised the Lord for that prayer to sever any soul ties. I look forward to more healing from arthritis.

Needless to say, I was anxious for my next physical therapy appointment. I saw my physical therapist the following week. I asked him if he knew anything about Christian healing prayer. He shook his head and said no. (He's not a Christian.)

I simply replied, "Well, it's what I do. I am involved in this at my church. The reason I had to postpone my appointment until this week is because last week I attended a healing conference at Mt. Snow, VT. It's a conference I attend every year. I received a lot of prayer and I am feeling better and I am anxious for your evaluation." I hastened to add, "We believe in utilizing all the medical profession has to offer as well as healing prayer and sometimes healing takes place over a period of time."

He smiled and said, "Let's check it out". To his surprise, my shoulders were now straight where one was higher than the other when he first examined me. Range of motion in my upper body was greatly improved and no longer produced pain. In checking my back, he said, "You are a good therapist. The area between the bones once felt like cement and now I can move it easily. There is significant change." These were the exact words God had given me at the conference.

He released me and encouraged me to continue exercising. I told him I would and that I would also continue to pray for healing. I also told him I would return if I needed his help again or when my back was totally straightened.

When I was asked to witness this in our community, I had a fleeting moment of doubt to wait for more healing. I heard the Lord say, "What I give you, give back to me and I will give you more". I quickly obeyed that encouraging word and shared my witness.

I am grateful to the Lord for Francis and Judith MacNutt, for CHM and all I have learned because of their obedience to God's call on their lives. I have been blessed to attend Fishnet, and now CHM in New England, for the past 18 years. It was at a Fishnet conference in 1996 that I heard the Lord say "Build the Army".

With the permission and spiritual guidance of my pastor, I began offering the School of Healing Prayer® Level I in March 1997 and established our Sainte Marie Healing Prayer Ministry here in Manchester, NH. We continue to offer Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 every year, have monthly healing Masses, offer soaking prayer, serve as prayer ministers in many parish conferences and activities and continue to grow. I am happy to say that each year more and more people from our area are drawn to the CHM in New England conference. The ripple effect in our area has been amazing to say the least. May God continue to bless and prosper Francis and Judith MacNutt and all at CHM. — Sarah Jane Lavery

Three messages from our Lord were spoken to Sarah Jane to encourage, guide and heal her. They were:

  • "Don't be afraid of anything that happens"
  • "Expect significant change"
  • "What I give you, give back to me and I will give you more"

These messages from God are filled with hope and promise, and can easily apply to anyone seeking deeper intimacy and healing. I hope this personal testimony of God's love for Sarah Jane blesses you and as much as it has me.

Judith MacNutt Judith MacNutt is author, teacher, conference speaker and co–founder of CHM. Jan/Feb/Mar 2013