Healing Line

Healing Line

Community of Healing Believers

by Lauren Corley
Winter 2013/14

  They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe at the wonders and signs performed by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. — Acts 2:42–47  

The vision for the CHM Alumni Network is an international community made up of CHM trained warriors. This vision grew legs this past year when five alumni chapters were launched within the U.S: New England, Maryland, Central Florida, Jacksonville, FL, and Richmond, VA. Each chapter is designed with its own personality; however, all include in their agendas the alumni purpose to develop fellowship among CHM School of Healing Prayer graduates and a prayer support unlike any other. They are led by anointed chapter leaders and many have substantially grown within one year's time.

Ken Nelson, Maryland Alumni Co–Chapter Leader, best describes the need for alumni groups and why to join one. "To be honest, when I first heard about the alumni groups I wasn't all that interested. A few people from our healing prayer team went down to Jacksonville for an Intensive Prayer Ministry (IPM) and we talked with members of the CHM staff about how to stay connected with CHM — alumni groups was the answer.

"Our first alumni meeting was eye–opening. We each took a few minutes to talk about our stories. Hearing how God had touched each person and how He was and is working in their lives made me realize that this group is very important. We really are like a big family; we have so much in common, and we love the Lord and want to serve Him.

"The meetings give us an opportunity to praise God together, share information about the ministries in the area, to get to know each other better, and to pray for each other (my favorite part). It really is a great time to be together with one another and receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit."

Fun, fellowship, and friends is a great alliteration that best describes what an onlooker would see at an alumni chapter meeting.

New England

The New England group gathers together at Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church in Ridgefield, CT every other month for a healing service and luncheon.

"In reflecting over this past year of meetings, several things have been significant to our newly formed group.

"During this initial year, we have gotten to know many people who serve in the prayer ministry in their local churches within the northeast. We have prayed together, and some people have had prayer partners. Our meetings remain a time of fellowship, discussion and enrichment. Each testimony we hear gives us encouragement as to God's healing power," said Harriet Mahoney.

Central Florida

Central Florida alumni members meet monthly for prayer, fellowship, and worship. Additionally, they also meet monthly for an evening of soaking prayer. This June, Central Florida members participated in Ignite 2013 (from Albany, NY) through live streaming. Cindy Thurman, Central Florida Chapter Leader, shares her account, "We had 25 plus people join us to view the live stream from Ignite 2013 being held in Albany, New York. It was an incredible blessing. An alumni member and I had both attended the conference last year in Vermont. We both confirmed with each other that we didn't feel we had missed a thing by watching the live stream this year except the fellowship with over 500 people. The group that attended in Winter Park (Orlando area) made it very special, as we felt as though we were right there with those 500 in Albany. We were able to worship with Kelanie before each session, hear and watch Judith MacNutt and John Paul Jackson as though we were sitting right in front of them on the front row, and had times of healing prayer in the afternoons.

"Our times of healing prayer consisted of healing prayers for each other along with a time of prayer led by Judith and Nigel Mumford. We had tears and healing as the prayer was led over the internet."


Jacksonville Alumni members have started gathering monthly at CHM for a luncheon and time of fellowship. "Tuesday is our day for Open Prayer at CHM, so it seemed a good time to enjoy a meal together and share news and fellowship before the prayer teams went in for the afternoon sessions. We were thrilled that our Co–Founder, Francis MacNutt, was able to join us as well. It was a joy to hear all the chatter among the prayer ministers as we embraced this light–hearted, precious time together. The highlight for me was standing in the presence of Our Lord in a circle, praising Him together, and anointing each other to prepare as prayer teams to pray for those He had sent to open prayer that afternoon," said Gemma Wojciechowski, Jacksonville Alumni Chapter Leader.

Maryland Area

Maryland Alumni Members began the year teaching Schools of Healing Prayer® within a few churches. They have now expanded to seven different churches. "We held a Generational Healing Workshop, including worship, lessons, generational healing service with communion and several opportunities for healing prayer and anointing with prayer teams. Also, we started five different classes of healing prayer (Levels 1–4) at Calvary UMC Mount Airy in Maryland. My chapter co–leader, Carol Pennington, began Level II in Westminister, MD, the next town over, at another church. Due to our members' involvement with Schools of Healing Prayer®, our monthly healing service, and the Generational Healing Workshop, we did not have a meeting this summer but did this fall," said Lucinda Nelson, Maryland Chapter Co–Leader.


Richmond, VA Alumni Members met for their first alumni meeting in October. The group agreed that in addition to the sharing of information (teaching, training, etc) they would provide a safe place for prayer ministers and leaders to receive prayer, and to establish a confidential ongoing support system to intercede for each others' personal needs. All present expressed a desire to be members of a local network. The group consists of alumni members from the Richmond area, as well as outlying cities.

If you have completed School of Healing Prayer® Level I and are interested in becoming an alumni member, please visit our CHM Alumni page and register to become a member. It is our hope to launch six more alumni chapters in 2014 and to connect you with other prayer ministers in your area.

Thank you for bringing forth the Kingdom of God by being used as a vessel for His glory. It is the greatest thrill ride one can experience on this side of heaven!

Lauren Corley Lauren Corley is Executive Assistant to Francis MacNutt, Public Relations & Alumni Coordinator, and Intercessory Prayer Coordinator for CHM. Winter 2013