Healing Line

Healing Line

Connecting Intercession with Inner Healing

by Rev. Mike Flynn
Fall 2016

We shiver when we think of the words Dallas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, Aurora, suicide, DUI accidents, overdoses, abortion, etc. We know from experience that inner healing prayer can be a possible deterrent to such disasters. Unfortunately, many people will not present themselves to trained Christians to get such healing — and some don’t even know about inner healing.

The arm of the Lord, however, is never short to save (Isaiah 59:1). God can direct us to pray for people without their participation or knowledge. Hurts, fears, guilt, and lacks negatively impact self–image, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. When these issues are healed, the dynamics of such healing can radically reduce the likelihood that an individual will perpetrate destructive actions.

We need hundreds and thousands of trained Christians who will make themselves available to the Lord who can train and guide intercessors on who to pray for and how to pray effectively. This training requires some basic awareness of how to receive words of knowledge and how to pray for inner healing.

The heart of inner healing is a two–way exchange. We ask the Lord Jesus to interject Himself into harmful situations and ask Him to comfort those who have been harmed. Then we ask Him to reach into their hearts and remove darkness, place it in His heart where it is consumed, and then take light out of His heart and put it into their heart to fully occupy the space where the darkness had resided. That’s the two–way exchange.

How do you know who to pray for and what to pray about? That’s where the word of knowledge comes into play. I believe the Holy Spirit gives such guidance in ways such as these:

  • Pictures
  • An inner knowing
  • A picture of a written word/phrase
  • A pain in the body
  • A spontaneous utterance which comes without your premeditation
  • A memory of something that happened to you or another person
  • A concept or impression
  • A common sense observation
  • A rush of compassion
  • Putting Jesus on a throne in your imagination and seeing what He does or says

These perceptions from the Holy Spirit are often rather slight, so that we have to have faith.

The first time the Spirit taught me how to do inner healing as intercession, it happened like this:


My family and I have taken strangers into our home for the past 20 years. One young man, David I’ll call him, lived with us for about 7 weeks. When he first arrived he was so paranoid that the sounds of traffic frightened him. He wouldn’t mow the grass with the power mower for fear of the engine’s noise. He refused to give us his full name and wouldn’t even tell us what state he was from.

A couple of days after his arrival I had the opportunity to go on a drive into the mountains, during which I prayed for various concerns. When David came to mind I said, “Lord, how can I pray for David?”

“Pray inner healing for him,” came the reply.

“For what?” I rejoined, somewhat sarcastically, “he hasn’t told us anything that we could pray for.”

“What would you guess would put a young man in that condition?”

So, for about 45 minutes I simply made up events in a 20–year old’s life and prayed inner healing for them as though they had actually occurred. The next day, David came into my office. “Do you mind if we talk?” he asked. Over the next hour I was stunned as he related the very events I had prayed about the day before. What to me was making things up was actually guidance from the Holy Spirit. David’s traumas were significantly dealt with in that intercession, freeing him to discuss his issues and work towards greater mental health. By the time he left us he was far down the road to well–being.1


God guided my guessing prayers! This story illustrates how eager God is to guide us to help others. It also shows how capable He is to guide us. But it also underlines how committed God is to working through available people. If He can’t find available people to work through, the job doesn’t get done.

What if some trained intercessors spent 30 minutes a week putting themselves before the Lord and asking who He wants them to pray for? You can even pray effectively for people you don’t know if the Lord brings them and their need to mind.

We won’t know until heaven how many disasters we might prevent by praying for healing for deeply broken people. The Lord will let you know enough to realize that your efforts are wonderfully worthwhile.

Note: Mike is available to do one–day training through teaching and practicums on how to get words of knowledge, do inner healing, and pray effectively. You may contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and his website is www.freshwindministries.org.

1From Inner Healing, by Mike Flynn and Doug Gregg, InterVarsity Press, 1993, p. 203–204.

Mike Flynn Rev. Mike Flynn is an Episcopal priest, Vineyard pastor, and full–time director of FreshWind Ministries. He is also an international speaker and author of five books. Fall 2016 Issue