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Remembering God's Goodness in 2016
Winter 2016


In our Summer 2015 issue of The Healing Line, we printed a story by Lee Phillips from Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Below is a short excerpt from that article.

  In August of 2012 my little rowboat bumped up against a very rocky shore. I had a persistent pain in my back and wondered, “Maybe I have a gallstone?” Out of the blue came the dreaded phone call and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 inoperable pancreatic cancer. This is a terrible diagnosis — only 1% of people with pancreatic cancer will live for 5 years. My life expectancy was 6–9 months. And to make matters worse, the cancer had escaped my pancreas and spread to my liver. My liver was filled with cancer spots. I was in my mid–fifties with a healthy lifestyle, rarely sick, no family history, a great marriage, three children, rewarding career and my youngest was leaving in a few weeks to start college. How could such a beautiful August day hold such bad news? I had a death sentence over my head. And yet I had everything to live for.  

Lee was completely healed of pancreatic and liver cancer. In this edition (Winter 2016) we are pleased to include a follow–up message from her.

November 2016

Today is my 61st birthday. Four years since diagnosis. Today I drove to the University of Chicago for my regularly scheduled 6–month CT scan. It’s a lot of radiation and not pleasant. But today was also a beautiful fall day — my birthday.

Dr. Blase Polite is my doctor and he is a national expert in pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer. He travels to Washington DC every week to advise the Dept. of Health and Human Services on cancer and other healthcare issues.

The medical resident who meets me says, “Dr. Polite went to Stanford University last month to speak to an audience of medical students and oncology residents. In the Q & A session, one of the residents asked, ‘Dr. Polite, in the course of your career have you ever seen a miracle?”

Dr. Polite hesitated and said, “Yes, I think I have seen a miracle.”

“What patient are you talking about?”

Dr. Polite replied, “I think Lee Phillips is a medical miracle — the only one I’ve seen in my career.”

I am overwhelmed by this story. Seriously, I am speechless. I don’t know how to handle my own story. I say this gently because many of you have had a loved one die of cancer. You know the pain.

I don’t want to rub it in anyone’s face, but I also want to speak loudly of the power of God to heal the most difficult of diagnoses.

What has God done?! And why me? I don’t know, but let’s glorify God for the power to heal!

— Lee, Illinois

Saved Out of Addiction

Throughout my life the Lord has pulled me out of more situations than most could imagine. The problem was at those times I was too blind to recognize it was Him. I have literally walked away from car wrecks that rarely anybody would have survived. I looked down on drug addicts because I have tried every kind of drugs known to man but never got addicted.

I told myself I was only a drinker, admittedly a heavy drinker. But in fact, I was a full–blown alcoholic, drinking about a half gallon of vodka daily. I lost everything and hit rock bottom due to my use of alcohol. When I say everything, I mean my health, marriage, family, home, and job.

My liver was so severely damaged from alcohol that I was told I would have to have a liver transplant in order to survive. However, they will not put you on a transplant list when you continue to drink. Even this news did not convince me — I continued to drink and sin daily. My condition was beyond any medical hope and the doctors could do nothing. That was three years ago.

Eventually I had nowhere to lay my head and nobody to turn to. But Jesus was there the whole time. He pointed me to “The Lighthouse Recovery Center,” a Christian–based recovery center in Indiana. In the recovery center I gave my life to the Lord and He healed me almost overnight. Through their pastors and leaders, Jesus not only restored me physically but restored every other aspect of my life.

The Lord pointed out a few things. He said, I am the one who pulled you away from those car accidents. I am the physician that healed you when doctors couldn’t. I have restored your family and your life. I am taking back EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen from you. Now I need you to go and preach the gospel and teach others to open their eyes.

Now I have an unbelievably clean bill of health (due only to God). I have been baptized in Jesus’ name, received the Holy Spirit and I teach and minister to others in recovery. You see, just like me, you are all part of the body of Christ and have your own purpose. If not, you wouldn’t still be here. Don’t ever let the enemy tell you it’s too late to turn around. That’s nothing but a lie straight from the pit of hell. Nothing makes the devil more angry than to lose the souls of people the little crybaby worked so hard to steal and destroy in the first place. Some of our greatest pastors and spiritual leaders had the craziest pasts and have become the strongest men of God. Amen!

— Jason, Indiana

Hearing Loss Recovered

In 2008, my wife Ann suffered 100% permanent hearing loss due to a viral infection. In addition, she required six months of physical therapy for balance and spinning resulting from information deficit from the left side of her brain due to nerve damage. At the Ignite conference1, the hearing in her left ear was restored and 5 months later she is still able to hear!

At the same event, I received a word of knowledge for hip pain and sciatica. I thought it was for someone else. I reluctantly stood up to receive prayer and was 100% healed. My shoulder and elbow were partially healed at the same time!

— Lee and Ann, Florida

1Ignite is our annual healing conference in New England. Some of our Florida friends travel to that conference, and this is Lee and Ann’s story.

A Child’s Journey out of Darkness

Prior to 2011, my 12–year old daughter Serena (name has been changed) was a beautiful child with normal development (physically, emotionally, and socially). She enjoyed reading, drawing, writing letters, being outside, jumping rope, playing with her sister and other activities. She went to school and excelled there. She was very responsible.

Then, in 2011, Serena experienced an illness that was life changing. One neurologist described it as the perfect storm, the specifics of which included an immunization, pre–puberty hormone issues, encephalopathy, and a severe case of mono. Conversion disorder (neurological symptoms), PTSD and severe scoliosis followed. Serena neither walked nor talked for over three years. She was unwilling to leave her room or see people, even family members. Eventually she lost all hope.

In 2013 a friend of my husband mentioned Judith MacNutt and Christian Healing Ministries and asked if I had heard of it. I had not. In April 2013 Serena and I made a visit to Jacksonville where she was prayed for by CHM prayer ministers. These sessions put her at ease because she felt safe — the prayer ministers spoke softly, kept their distance, and demonstrated a gentle and quiet spirit. Nothing in the prayer sessions were alarming or disturbing to a child. My life has not been the same since that trip.

Because of teachings I heard at the Captivate Women’s conference, I began to work to rebuild her capacity for inner joy — using deep breathing, hugs, and eye contact.

By Spring of 2015 Serena was willing to spend an hour out of her room. By Fall she was willing to go to a family wedding out of town.

It is now Fall of 2016 and the miracles in Serena’s life are still increasing! She goes on family outings, she goes swimming and plays on the beach. She interacts normally with everyone in the family, she is willing to meet new people, and she goes to youth group. Serena even planned her own birthday party and invited five girls.

Serena still needs continued healing. She still struggles with scoliosis and sensory aversion. But we are seeing so many miracles here! Rejoice with us as we rejoice!

Through CHM’s ministry to one single person — my daughter — many lives have been affected. Someone commented to me, “Don’t think that this healing journey is just for your family!” I spread the word of CHM’s ministry to everyone I speak to about Serena!

— Cynthia, South Carolina

Winter 2016 Issue