NOTICE - CHM is taking our responsibility seriously to love and care for those at greater risk, by limiting face-to-face contact; however we are opening up new avenues of ministry and training through online interactive events. Please visit our events calendar for more info. Also, the CHM Bookstore is open for online and over-the-phone orders, as well as curb-side pickup. We are praying for all of you. Blessings and His Peace.

Ministry Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities

Day of Healing Prayer

Day of Healing Prayer Live Online- June 1st 10am-Noon (EST)

CHM will be hosting its very first Day of Healing Prayer Online which will include live worship, a Generational Healing Service, and prayers for healing from our CHM Leaders and Prayer Ministers.  This online event will be broadcast live via CHM’s Facebook page. 

How to Prepare for the Day of Healing Prayer

  1. Please download, print, and fill out the “Preparation of the Family Tree” form.  If you are unable to print, you can use a blank sheet of paper to make notes about your family’s story.  We will discard this sheet of paper as part of the Generational Healing Service.

    Download Family Tree Form

  2. The prayers you will be praying in the Generational Healing Service will be on the screen.  You are welcome to pray from there or by following along with the document below.  

    Download Generational Healing Service

  3. We will be serving communion as part of this service.  We understand that some parts of the Body of Christ ask that you partake in the sacraments only at your home church.  Please know this is an optional part of this service.  If you would like to partake in communion, please have bread or crackers ready, as well as wine or juice.

The DHP is free of charge, but donations are always welcome.